Cheese Online: The Future for Cheese Makers

It is a little known fact that cheese has been around for thousands of years; archaeologists have even discovered cheese jars dating back to 6000BC, with cheese murals even found painted upon the tombs of ancient Egyptians. It is thought that cheese was popular in the Middle East around this time due to the simple fact that the foodstuff could be easily stored and transported when the need to move was a constant possibility. Yet, after thousands of years of craft and cultivation, artisan cheese is a relatively underappreciated food product that is only understood and appreciated by a chosen few. However, thanks to the hard work of a few selected cheese makers in Britain, that is all about to change.

Now more than ever, with the invention of the internet, ordering cheese online is hassle free and can be delivered straight to your door. With a recent survey discovering that up 67% of people have ordered food online, there’s no wonder that modern artisan cheese makers are getting in on the act. The advantages of ordering your food online are immense, not only does it save you time and effort, but also ordering your cheese online could actually save you money. With a greater range of products available, anyone buying cheese boxes online possesses the luxury of being able to browse from one website to another with a flick of the wrist. With these benefits in mind, more and more people are buying online cheese made from the noble artisan cheese makers of Britain. Bought for a variety of reasons including parties, receptions and social gatherings, there isn’t cheese hamper out there, which won’t suit an occasion.

One such cheese maker enjoying the benefits of online ordering is Iain Mellis. With over thirty years experience in the cheese making industry, Iain is a master of his craft and his name holds great respect among the food industry and cheese enthusiasts alike. Working his art in the cool regions of Scotland, using only the finest ingredients, his high quality cheese was only originally available from his shop in Edinburgh. Now, thanks to the revolution of the internet, some of the finest and most popular cheeses in Scotland can be delivered right to your door.

Which Cheeses Can Be Found Online?

Despite this revolution of availability, did you know that up to 60% of cheese bought in the United Kingdom can still only be bought online?

One such rarity is the Grimbister Farm Cheese. Made on the Orkney Islands, one of the most northern regions of the United Kingdom, Grimbister is a high quality cheese whose recipe has been passed down throughout generations of farmers. Located just outside of Kirkwell, using unpasteurised milk from the farms own Fresian cattle, the traditionally hard highland cheese offers a delicious, crumbling yet moist ensemble of texture and taste.

Of course, if you prefer the one many delights of English cheese, Colston Basset’s Blue Stilton is probably the quality cheese that you were looking for. Found in the county of Nottinghamshire (one of only three counties where Stilton can be legally produced), Colston Basset is considered one of the most premium Stilton cheeses in the United Kingdom. Taking immense time, effort and pride in producing their cheese, Colston Basset Stilton offers a taste like no other. The favourite cheese of writer, George Orwell, Stilton is of creamy texture and powerful taste, leaving a mellow and aromatic after touch.

Another advantage of buying your cheese online is that not only are you able to browse cheese by country, but if you so wish, you can also search cheese quite easily by region. One such fine example of regional produce is Montgomery’s of Yeovil Classic Cheddar. Located in the tranquil county of Somerset, Montgomery’s offer some of the finest handmade cheeses in the country. With over seventy years of experience in cheese making, their classic cheddar is a rich palate of texture and taste that can now be enjoyed by anyone with an internet connection.

With all the possibilities of the internet now at hand, there really is no reason why some of the best artisan cheeses can’t be enjoyed by anyone in the country.

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