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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

ILoveCheese was formed to offer a unique reference point on cheeses of the world.

No wonder photographers use the word 'cheese' to encourage a smile from their subjects-cheese gives us much to smile about...

ILoveCheese was written for cheese-nibblers everywhere; to appreciate and share information about the wonderful selections of textures, flavours and traditions that surround this glorious food. This website is not a list of cheese types, but a celebration of each individual cheese's uniqueness!

Dedicated to the versatility of cheese-along with suggestions of how to prepare it-as a snack, part of a meal, or as an accompaniment, this website includes (but covers much more than) the basic uses of cheese. With helpful tips on dairy-free, vegan, regional and worldwide cheeses, ILoveCheese unwraps and explores all the contents.

Reliable, up-to-date, information is brought to the readers of this site by like-minded people. No fuss or nonsense; cheese facts, simply served.

What is a mature cheese? Why are some cheeses mouldy? What type of milk is used to make parmesan? Why are there so many different types of cheese, not just in the UK, but all over the world?

Did you know that some cheeses take only a few hours to process yet others take years?

From delicious local fare in traditional ploughman's lunches to sought-after (finely grated or otherwise) celebrity cheeses, ILoveCheese dives into the pantry, milking parlour and selection board of the world's popular nibbles.

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    Re: Casu Marzu: World's Most Dangerous Cheese?
    I've wanted to go to Sardegna for a long time now and I'm an adventurous eater but this is a hard no from me!
    13 October 2020
  • Jenny
    Re: A Guide to Dutch Cheeses
    9835 Belmont St, Norwalk CA - Holland International Market This is 5 years later, so hopefully you have figured out that it's there.…
    22 August 2020
  • None
    Re: Raw Milk Cheese
    Comté is a 'French Gruyère' from Franche Comté which is no longer allowed to be called French Gruyère because real Gruyère comes only from Gruyère…
    19 August 2020
  • Josh
    Re: Are Organic Cheeses Better For You?
    Hi A friend introduced me to I love Cheese the other day and I really love what you are doing there. I am based in the…
    13 November 2019