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No wonder photographers use the word 'cheese' to encourage a smile from their subjects-cheese gives us much to smile about... ILoveCheese was written for cheese-nibblers everywhere; to appreciate and share information about the wonderful selections of textures, flavours and traditions that surround this glorious food.
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All About Cheese
All About Cheese: Using Mould, Combining Favourite Flavours with Cheese, Cheese...
Buying Cheese
Buying Cheese: How Are Cheeses Selected for Royal Approval?, Cheese: Supermarket,...
Cheese Recipes
Cheese Recipes: Cheese Snacks and Starters, Serving Cheese as a Dessert, The Perfect...
Cheeses of the World
Cheeses of the World: South American Cheese, A Guide to South African...
European Cheeses
European Cheeses: Jarlsberg Cheese of Norway, Switzerland's Famous Gruyere Cheese,...
Famous Cheeses
Famous Cheeses: Soft French Cheese: Camembert, Limburger: The Worlds's Smelliest...
The Cheese Profession
The Cheese Profession: Interview With a Cheese Shop Owner...
UK Cheeses
UK Cheeses: A Map of British Cheeses, Favourite English Cheeses, Gloucestershire...
Latest Comments
  • Jimbt
    Re: Casu Marzu: World's Most Dangerous Cheese?
    Good reason that they slice thinly - that should reduce the risk of infection ??
    4 June 2017
  • ronnie
    Re: Casu Marzu: World's Most Dangerous Cheese?
    First time i read this i actually thought that before you eat it,maybe,some how you get the maggots out of the…
    11 March 2017
  • Pixee
    Re: Blue Cheese: Roquefort
    Hi Could you let me know when Roquefort cheese was first available in the UK? Many thanks Donna.
    8 January 2017
  • Cheesefancier
    Re: Limburger: The Worlds's Smelliest Cheese?
    Being fond of Limburger, I enjoyed your article. But I doubt it's the smelliest cheese. There's a Gloucestershire…
    22 October 2016
  • unlucky
    Re: Portuguese Cheese Such as Castelo Branco
    could you please give me an idea of cheeses from the azores and where to buy them, I recently stayed in the azores…
    21 October 2016
  • ILoveCheese
    Re: A Guide to Dutch Cheeses
    Liesie - Your Question:How could I buy some Leiden kaas but not dry from where?They took our sources of our Hollandse bakery and our…
    23 September 2015
  • Liesie
    Re: A Guide to Dutch Cheeses
    how could I buy some Leiden kaas but not dry from where? They took our sources of our Hollandse bakery and our Hollandse store away…
    21 September 2015
  • ILoveCheese
    Re: Danish Cheeses
    @Greg. We have this available online from many stockists here in the UK. Home someone can help you with the sourcing it over in the States.
    23 June 2015
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